Anchor for “Normies”

just look at how nice the logo looks.
“wut is a collateralize?”

It’s really that simple.

read it. now.

Take it slow, uneducated nascent one. I shall show you the ways.

“wut is token? you mean like chuck e. cheese token?”
“what is the point of this $LUNA you speak of? enlighten me.”

But if you do want to learn more, read what’s below.

“i called my friend and he is worried about this $UST stable-coin. how does it stick to $1?”

There are two forms of arbitrage present

luna is on coinbase now! peepookay.

“Ok, I have educated myself on the system…how can I deposit into anchor?”


  • Download the Terra Station chrome extension and make a wallet.
  • Make a KuCoin account and deposit $USDT (If you use Coinbase like me, buy $USDT and send it to your KuCoin account).
  • Click onto the $USDT/$UST pair and sell your $USDT.
  • Using the Terra Network, withdraw your $UST to your Terra Station wallet.
  • deposit it into anchor.
  • das it lul.

If you have trouble reading, here’s a step by step video.

“but i don’t want to make a kucoin account.”

Well lucky for you there are alternatives (you picky little shit).

Terra Bridge

  • Use SushiSwap (fuck uniswap, sushi is better), and swap $ETH, $USDT or $USDC for $UST.
  • Click on this.
  • Send your $UST from your metamask wallet to your terra wallet.
  • deposit it into anchor.
  • ez lul.
“umm sir…i actually have some $USDC, but i don’t feel like swapping it. can i still use anchor protocol?”

Lucky for you, there is.

this is how they do it.
“can i make my money work even more?”
  • After you deposit money into Anchor, you can go to Mirror and use the Anchor Money as collateral to mint mAssets (stocks, but crypto form).
  • Now you can make money on Anchor and Mirror at the same time.
  • ez clap.

In Conclusion






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