Probably the Most Slept on Project in all of Crypto, ARCx

4 min readJul 28, 2021


Don’t even read the article…just buy the fucking token already.

In this beautifully written article, I shall bless you with my knowledge on ARCx Money, a project that might make all the dumbass boomers happy about crypto (or maybe not, those humans are fucking dumb).

hmm…japanese katakana….hmmm….

The ARCx concept

ARCx is trying to change how loans are taken out in the crypto space. Whenever I want to take out a collateralized loan, I need to put up like damn near 200% to take out 100% (and that is not at all fucking efficient).

ARCx is going to change that.

“thank you for bringing this project to my attention mr. writer. please continue.”


Before you comment some dumb shit like “WAHH WAHH DEFI IS SUPPOSED TO BE ANONYMOUS WAHH WAHH MY DICK IS SMALL WAHH WAHH”, habibi please listen to me, these passports will change the game.

“explain to me how these passports work.”

Basically, if your wallet is clean and you have always paid back your loans, then you can borrow more than the usual loan protocol will let you.

Have a good borrowing history? ~105% loans.

Have a bad borrowing history? ~140% loans.

ez clap.

How is the credit score determined?

I literally just fucking told you you idiot. scroll up.

Here’s the dope ass website btw.

“habibi haz ze pazzport been releazed?”

No…but some skins have.

You are probably too broke to buy them…but it is what it is.


No you cucklord. Passport skins.

Feast your eyes on these.


These have already been released and people already own them, so unless you want to buy them off of someone, it doesn’t look like you’ll get to use these.


I mean…just look at how nice the skins look. These skins are NFTs (yeah I know your normie ass loves those), and you can apply them to your actual passport. These two sushi passports went for ~1 ETH, so if you aren’t a rich bastard then I would suggest not bidding lul (or maybe I’m just the broke one…sadge).

“are there any new skins coming out?”


The newest skins coming out will be the OlympusDAO skins (and they will probably go for more than 1 ETH this time).

the one in the middle is dope as fuck.


There are some AAVE ones coming out too, but the release date hasn’t been announced yet.


Btw, there are five of each skin (i.e. 5 light AAVE ones & 5 dark AAVE ones).

“what about this token you mentioned at the beginning of the article?”


So from what I’ve read, $ARCx is the governance token (and that bitch is going up in price rn), and $STABLEx is the stablecoin that you take your loan out with.

“uhh i see that there’s an arcx (old) token…wut is dat?”

ARCx (old) is the old token (woopty-fuckin-do who knew?). You don’t really have to worry about that because it’s kinda’ like a stock-split (you shouldn’t buy it either, it only exists as of now for the old holders so they can transfer their old tokens to the new ones).

“so why should i buy this arcx token again?”

The problem it solves.

With this, you won’t have to buy 200% of an asset so you can take out 100% against it (pretty simple). And as for the token…I mean you’re basically betting on the project becoming big (and you can also vote with it but who cares about that omegalul).

“…thank you for educating me mr. mouse. i will now follow you on twitter @ikysurai.”

In Conclusion

Well, here is a team that is trying to solve a problem in DeFi (and I gotta say they are doing a damn good job at it) which is pretty rare. Instead of buying dumbass dog tokens, maybe you should look at projects that try to solve problems, like this one.